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We like beer. We like to watch old movies. We like to talk about old movies while drinking beer.


David Tracy works as a communications director for a rendering software company. David grew up with old movies, sitting in the balcony at the Rialo Theater in South Pasadena. His favorites include Buster Keaton movies and “The Thin Man” series. He is a big, BIG fan of animation and is a cartoonist himself. You can follow David on Untappd and Twitter.


Sonia Mansfield works as a content marketing manager for a printing company. She reviewed movies for quite a few websites and newspapers that don’t exist anymore. She wrote one movie review for the San Francisco Examiner, giving “Jackass: The Movie” four stars. True story. Her name is on the DVD cover. She also worked as a TV critic for several years, which really gives her no insight into old movies at all. You can follow Sonia on Untappd and Twitter.

ridingBARTinstyleDavid and Sonia are married and went on their honeymoon to Paris and Belgium. While in Belgium, they really fell in love with all the amazing beer there. Since then, they have been trying different craft beer from around the world.


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